My name is Nicolas Rojas V. and my job is entertaining. I have been a professional Disc Jockey (DJ) for over 12 years now. During all these years, I have been working on producing the kind of music atmospheres for events or parties that have the dimension you want to offer your guests whether it is a product launch, a party of any business sector of the country or a private party.

I have supported the organization of product launches and parties for companies such as Johnson & Johnson jointly with the Colombian artist Shakira; the launch of Renault Clio and Clio Mtv (DJ battle); the end-of-year party for Ecopetrol, Indumil, the 60th anniversary of Pastas Doria; Oxy de Colombia; Gran Tierra; Banco de Bogota; the launch of the new line of Skoda automobiles; Renault Koleos, supporting the production and performance of the above mentioned projects.

Also, for the past 6 years, we have worked on the set up of background music and artistic production of Weddings inside and outside of the country, including weddings and parties in Miami, Zavaan Ravid in New York, Weddings in Aruba and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, we have the best lights and sound system to accomplish any proposed activity inside or outside Bogota or Colombia.

Throughout years of experience the name of Nicolas Rojas DJ has grown to become a representative trademark for entertainment, concept and party.

Disc Jockey Nicolas Rojas was born in Bogota; he earned a degree in Business Administration and has been working for the DJ movement since the beginning of the 90’s, working as resident DJ for the most important nightclubs in Colombia, to wit: Mister Babilla, Bogota and Cartagena; Pelicanos in Cartagena; Option..s, Charlotte..s, Deppline, Syldavia, Nodo and Circa; he started his career in Discomovil Nice, one of the most important outdoor discos in our country. He has participated in different festivals such as the Dj..s Caribbean festival in Cartagena in 1996 and 1997 organized by Radioactiva, ranking first and second, respectively. He has been supporting the DJ movement in Colombia acting as Disc Jockey and executive for record labels such as BMG, Universal Music and Sony Music where he assisted in the development of music compendium and national broadcasting of: Aguja y Vinilo; Lo mas Disco; After Party and the DJ battle. He was a guest DJ at Mix Shows of radio stations including La Super, 88.9 Fm radio station; Los 40 Principales; Ibiza radio station of Vibra Bogota 104.9Fm. He has shared stage with Colombian bands including Sanalejo (2002), Lo de Adentro (2004); Sin Animo de Lucro (2006), Fanny Lu (2005); Bonka (2006); Cabas (2004); Fonseca (2005); Veronica Orozco (2006); Naty Botero (2006); Cali & El Dandee; Jay & El Punto; Golpe a Golpe; Peter Manjarres; J Balvin; Dalmata & Ñejo.

Currently, he works as Disc Jockey and manager for local and international artists such as J Balvin, Golpe and Golpe, Jay & Punto, Fanny Lu and Dalmata & Ñejo. For over six years now, he has been working on the set-up of music backgrounds, direction, production and artistic coordination of weddings and private parties.

DJ Nicolas Rojas’ portfolio has had the privilege of offering different services to significant brands over the past 15 years, including Mercedes Benz, Ranault, Microsoft, Comcel, Hoteles Charleston, Carolina Ramirez, Laura Acuña, Jaime Sanchez Cristo, Jesus de Polanco, Weddings in New York, Miami, Aruba, Hong Kong and the whole Colombian territory.

We offer the best lights and sound system to accomplish any proposed activity inside or outside the country.





Mar 01 - 2013

Weddings Viviana


Mar 02 - 2013

Weddings Cristina

Mar 02 - 2013

Weddings Mariana y Germán

Mar 02 - 2013

Weddings Maria

Mar 09 - 2013

Event Nubia

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Event Paula

Mar 23 - 2013

Weddings Luis Fernando


Mar 24 - 2013

Weddings Prima AC

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Weddings Adriana


Apr 06 - 2013

Weddings Carol

Apr 12 - 2013

15 years Patricia

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Event Adriana


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Event Juan Manuel


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Event Alexa


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Weddings Natoushka


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Weddings Juliana

May 4 - 2013

Weddings Vanessa


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May 18 - 2013

Weddings Laura y Rodrigo

May 25 - 2013

15 years Elvia

Jun 1 - 2013

Weddings Henry


Jun 8 - 2013

Barmitzva Sary

Jun 9 - 2013

Weddings Catalina


Jun 22 - 2013

Weddings Tatiana


Jun 29 - 2013

Weddings Sandra


Jul 06 - 2013

Birthday Juan Manuel


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Jul 27 - 2013

Event Lina María

Aug 24 - 2013

Weddings Alexandra


Sep 14 - 2013

Weddings Claudia y Juan